Heat Treating, China

Heat Treating China Companies Worldwide
  • Manufactures heat treatment equipment, primarily designed for school workshop market. Includes brazing and forging units, crucible furnaces, pickling benches, and kilns.
  • Manufactures and supplies standard and custom engineered furnaces and ovens for heat treatment purposes. Site includes details of products and applications.
  • Consultancy firm offering research and advisory services related to thermal processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Site provides detailed account of capabilities
  • Canada. Manufacturer of heat treating and auxiliary equipment. Also performs heat treating services.
  • Knights Dragon Fire Heat Treat Furnaces provide heat treating in tool production to harden metal for long-wearing quality and resistance to shock.
  • Manufacturer of industrial flow measurement, mixing, and control systems for the heat treating industry.
  • Offers heat treating services.
  • Manufactures heat treatment equipment and associated spares and accessories. Services include design, installation, and commissioning, as well as on site inspection of